It’s coming to life! Prototype revealed

Dear wonderful WWNGQ contributors and supporters,

Firstly a HUGE THANK YOU from Mel and I to each and every one of you who has come on board and generously put your hard earned $ into this project. We are thrilled and delighted by the generous support we have received so far and are deeply grateful to all of you for helping us bring this project to life.

We thought we’d send you an update to show you as We Will Not Go Quietly starts to come together. Below is a picture of promotional flyers we’ve been printing up and distributing, and also the prototype – our very first hard copy of the publication!

Prototype revealed

We’ll have more exciting updates to share with you soon so stay tuned.

Until then, please keep sharing the campaign with your friends and networkswe’re only $500 off our target! To support please visit

With gratitude,
Your WWNGQ Editors
Kate and Mel


2 responses to “It’s coming to life! Prototype revealed

  1. Hi KAte I tried to do this but it kept saying there was missing information. I am not on FaceBook and am not going to Join! Any thoughts? Hope it is going well. Good on YOU! I have not forgotten our clay date . just been crazy here, hopefully in the next few weeks we will both have time. Best wishes. Anne

  2. Fantastic! Any time in future, if you need help with design/ layout let me know. Reading an excellent book on verbal abuse by Patricia Evans. Recommend highly.

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