Finally … an update!

We are delighted to let you know that we are preparing for the imminent launch – at last! – of We Will Not Go Quietly – both in print and online!
We know it’s taken us a little while – there have been delays and ups and downs and all sorts of distractions, but we’ve kept working away, whenever we could and we’re almost there.
Our hope is to launch the zine and the – new! – accompanying website during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (25 Nov – Dec 10).
Our other hope is to print as many copies of We Will Not Go Quietly as possible and distribute it as widely as we can. Our plan is to distribute it for free so that it is as accessible as possible.
Which brings us to the next stage …
Currently, quotes for printing are as follows:
– 250 copies: $1,600
– 500 copies: $3,100
– 1,000 copies: $6,000

To date we have funded We Will Not Go Quietly entirely out of our own pockets but alone we can only afford (and barely!) to print 250 copies.
And so, we were wondering, would you be willing to contribute to the printing of We Will Not Go Quietly?
Please let us know your thoughts about this idea and whether you would be willing to help us fund the printing of We Will Not Go Quietly. Every little bit counts! Every donations has the potential to mean another copy of this vital – and amazing – resource out in the world, creating the change we all hope to see – a world without sexual violence.
We look forward to bringing the final product to you ASAP!

One response to “Finally … an update!

  1. This looks good Kate! I’m awaiting $ from VOCAT and will be happy to make a donation when it finally arrives, I’m hoping soon. Loren sent me what looked like a newsletter but text too small to read, I’ve asked her to resend it or can you do so?

    Jude Power

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