Seeking a designer

Howdy folks!

Contributions have been sent and received, read and marvelled at – we are overwhelmed and awe-struck by the wonderful submissions we have been presented with and are simply thrilled to have so much wonderful material to work with and present under the banner of We Will Not Go Quietly.

We are working our way through the editing and compilation process, slowly but surely. However, now we find ourselves seeking a designer, someone to help us assemble this extraordinary collection of materials into a powerful, readable format.

We’d love to hear from any designer who’d be willing to support We Will Not Go Quietly. Equally, we’d love to hear any suggestions as to designers you think we may like to work with.

Please do get in touch ( if you are a designer with an interest in supporting this vital project or alternatively if you know a designer to recommend!

Many thanks,
Mel and Kate


2 responses to “Seeking a designer

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering how the zine is coming along?
    Hope all is going well 🙂

    Kristy x

  2. Hey Kristy, it’s coming along well! We’ve almost finished editing and are getting stuck into design and layout. It’s all very exciting. We’ll have a full draft of the publication before too long. We’ll definitely keep you updated, promise! Cheers, Kate and Mel

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